ALCEDO Makes Crypto Currencies Accessible for Everyone !

Alcedo Platform Ecosystem If in the first part of our review we had a superficial acquaintance with the platform Alcedo now is the time to move on to specifics. So, in the picture below you can see all the components of the ecosystem: All this is part of a single platform, which can go on self-operation, thanks to Cyclicity.

It should be noted that all elements of the ecosystem are linked by API, so all actions on the platform will be registered in the blockchain and available on demand. In this way, full transparency of functioning is achieved.

Ecosystem elements
Now let’s dwell on each element in detail. One of the main components of the platform will be the so-called “access points “. Stationery offices, where users will be able to make purchases of cryptocurrency, to learn the news, including the future plans of Alcedo. Naturally, all of them will be equipped with crypmatmats.

The client, who gets to such a point, will be surrounded by an experienced team of professionals. In fact, it will be possible to buy and exchange cryptocurrency without the participation of any exchange. In addition, it will be possible to get professional advice on investing in cryptocurrency or gold and currency reserves.

In fact, one such point is already functioning since September 1 in the city of Holzkirchen, which is not far from Munich. Alcedo plans to expand the network of such points around the world, but at the first stage to focus on Europe.

Expansion of such points is planned to be done by franchising system. So, if you see a perspective in Alcedo and you have plans for acting business-take a closer look at this project. At the same time, Alcedo believes that franchising system is ideal for the development of the platform. It will allow the project to attract new forces for development while leaving all the resources within the ecosystem, thanks to key ALTE tokens.

The Alcedo wallet is a ready-to-download mobile app that is available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store. It is clear that this purse is intended for safe storage and use of cryptocurrency. All your financial assets are at your fingertips. Transactions in 2 clicks, full security-all the functions of modern and compliant with all the standards of the crypto wallet are present.

And there is a nice bonus in the form of 10 coins ALCE (about 4 EURO) for downloading, installation and registration. POS terminals Alcedo will allow small business to expand the scope of their potential customers, and users of the platform to buy goods using a mobile application and debit card Alcedo. The offer is absolutely advantageous for both sides.

Alcedo cards are made for those people who value their time. There will no longer be a need to register for a thousand and one exchange to obtain a more profitable offer for the investment. All tools will now be at your fingertips in the form of a small plastic card with NFC chip.

The cards, by the way, will be limited in circulation in 1000 copies and will be distributed only between those who acquire 10 000 ALCE. Well, the rest will always be able to use the mobile application.

All elements of the ecosystem are connected in a single network of simple and convenient tools for everyday use of cryptocurrency. At what-absolutely for any your purposes and needs. Just buy, pay, convert, watch-All this is created with one purpose: to simplify your life.

Stop, the attentive reader will say, but what about another element of the ecosystem-the ALTE token? This is a very important element that merits a separate review. So in the next article, we’ll finally get to the ICO project and talk about the benefits of owning and using the ALTE token. In the meantime, you can read more about the project by the links below.

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