ALCEDO Creates an Ecosystem That Implements Blockchain

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Alcedo  invites us to create an ecosystem that will introduce BL Blockchainchain technology into everyday life! This will make cryptocurrency available and usable for everyone around the world. Alcedo strives for wide acceptance of Alcedos and another cryptocurrency!
To achieve these goals, ICO Alcedo begins to build a network of Alcedo-Points.

Basic services of this platform:

1. Alcedo-point (it will be possible at any point to buy and sell, exchange currencies with the help of professional consultants).
2. Alcedo-TOKEN (ALCE)-will be an important part of the Alcedo ecosystem, as it is a tool for processing services and reward programs.
3. Alcedo-Wallet-Own project purse, where it will be possible to buy, sell, exchange and electronically transfer on and from any account in cryptocurrency.
4. Investment is also a component, not every project can invest funds for a term and get more.
5. Alcedo-Card-This feature will allow customers to quickly and easily buy or sell cryptocurrency in their ATMs and POS-terminals Alcedo.
6. Crypto-Machine-These is the usual ATMs, they will support well-known crypto-ATMs and are going to build a network in Germany!

* * Alcedo-POINT details. **

Alcedo-POINT Main components:
1. As I said earlier, will be buying, selling and sharing. Alcedo-Points will help customers with a service team. They offer customers a unique opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency outside the Internet exchanges and with the personal help of our experts. Also, help in the use of ATM and answer all the questions that relate to cryptocurrency.

2. There will be an extension of Alcedo-Points, namely, they will be available within the franchise system, which would create jobs and ensure a higher and faster acceptance in the Alcedo society. Alcedo, as a future franchisor, ensures that we get the best framework with competent advice, continuous learning, and continuous availability.
The license payments will be paid exclusively by the Coins, which means that Alcedo-Coin will remain in the company’s business cycle! said earlier, it is an investment, they offer us to invest security in cryptocurrency and physical gold.

Alcedo -Card-they will be equipped with the first built-in NFC chip and can be used in Alcedo ATMs and POS terminals. This will allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and easily. In addition, it will promote the distribution and acceptance of Alcedo-coin and another cryptocurrency. Most importantly, no lengthy and cumbersome registration procedures on foreign stock exchanges are required. The work will be exclusively and completely from Germany.
Also, those who bought 10 000 Alcedo-Coins will be issued 1000 cards from the first edition of Alcedo-card.