AKAIITO Use Cryptocurrency in Your Every Day Life

AKAIITO – AIC is token utilities, which has its own what its value will be increased with the development of the system and its popularity. By using AIC token you can buy goods, services and rentals in the platform game Akai Ito. You could also be exchanging them in the stock market and make a profit.

The world is changing. The world has changed. New words appear with new rules and demands.
Cryptocurrency up on this word as the iconic transition step to the qualitative level of the new life. Step 5-developed human beings.
A new Word with a new structure system and equipment demands change, therefore want to introduce to your attention with his uniquely its own: platform, which will bring together people around the world-GAME AKAI ITO.

Transcription with translation from the language of Japan “GAME AKAI ITO” means red thread. GAME AKAI ITO will be the red thread of fate, from the famous with everybody saying, and will unite the world into one crypto rose tightened. “An invisible red thread connects those who would like to meet … Connecting GAME AKAI ITO ”

To participate on this project you need to have my wallet Ethereum with a balance on it. In order to participate, must first accept the terms & conditions. After that you click ‘ CONTRIBUTE ‘. Payments will be done using smart contract. You will get the AIC to your wallet in accordance with the rates and conditions of the appropriate day.

Minimum value 0.01 participate with ETH, lower transactions will not be counted and you will not get a refund.

For investors to have some count bonuses as follows
The huge investment will be used for the system level bonus.
The number of larger investment-percentage
ac-crued bonus, the bonus is calculated from the amount of the investment:
10-50 ETH: bonus 1%
51-100 ETH: bonus 2%
100-150 ETH: bonus 3%
151-200 ETH: bonus 5%
201-300 ETH: bonus 8%
301-1000 ETH: bonus 10%
1001-1500 ETH: up to 15%
1501 ETH and more: 20% bonus
If you are u.s. citizen and resides was not allowed to participate in the ICO because of restrictions on U.S. security laws. with the wholehearted respect all laws in all countries where operating, and urge you to get more information about specific financial legislation in your jurisdiction. GAME AKAI ITO is not responsible if there is a violation of the law.

Use Wallet support ERC20 and don’t mengirirm ETH from onsite wallet because you may not be able to receive the token AICOIN You on later.

AIC Tokens For Sale
For the realization of the success of the action will be projecting HAS launched sales of the token AIC. HAS action will rent 30 million token AIC. For the Estate to be released 22.5 million AIC token. the overall Total sales token will be divided into 2 steps: Pre ICO and ICO.
During the Pre ICO will be released 1 million sales of the AIC and tokens for ICO’s sales will be released
21.5 million from AIC AIC released (token token will depend on the rate of ETH.

Token АIC for sale at 0.001 ETH. For ETH 1 can I purchased 1000 AICOINS. a minimum purchase of ETH 0.001. For realization of the project it is necessary to have a 1000-20000 or the equivalent in other cryptocurrencies ETH based on current value.

Bonus System:
Applies only to Pre ICOBonus: 2 weeks + 60%
Token: 1 000 000 AIC
Price: 1ETH = 1000 AIC
Min. Purchase: 10AIC or 0, 01ETH
From: 12.02.2018
End: 25.02.2018
Applies only to ICOPertama 48h: + 40%
First week: + 30%
Second week: + 20%
Third week: + 10%
Fourth week: + 5%
Week 5 +: 0%
Bonus Big Deal. Apply for Pre ICO & ICOEtereum: Bonus%
1500 +: 20%
A Friend Bonus. Apply for Pre ICO & ICOInvestor, while attracting new partners to the project, will get a bonus: 2% of the total investment earned. In one condition: the value invested by new partners, must be greater than the amount invested by the investors themselves. The minimum purchase for participation in the Friends of the Bonus was ETH

The entire pre ICO will be released 1 million from signs of AIC. The token will be offered with a 60% bonus: for every 1 AIC AIC 0.6 will be added, what will summarize 1.6 AIC.
Earlier than the launch on the trading market, the Token is not offered up. Pre ICO the length is 2 weeks. If 1 million from signs of AIC (1 000 ETH) will be offered our previous, pre ICO will quit earlier as true.

Throughout the ICO will launch 21.5 million from signs of AIC. Bonus from 40% to 5% depending on the level of sales. Bonus 40% certain is just 48 hours of the first round. The entire range of sales bonus, then the quantity will decrease.

Entire value was launched on the market the Token is 20 000 ETH. If the minimum value (smooth CAP) from 1 000 ETH gained’t reached would begin looking for different sources of funding for growth.

Website: https://akaiito.io
Whitepaper : https://akaiito.io/files/Akaiito_WP_Eng.pdf
ANN Tread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2804929.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialakaiito
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialAkaiito
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8W1B4wRSzaLe7dDWlPEhOA/featured
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Akaiito_Official
Medium: https://medium.com/@akaiitotallinn

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