AIVON – An Open Network for Video Powered by Artificial Intelligence

AIVON – Now it is difficult to imagine a person who has never in his life watched online video. It is no secret that the problems of quality translation and localization are haunted by a lot of products, even very good in nature. In addition, not every person who wants to read the content can do so if the localization is not in his native language or the language he knows. Everyone knows that English is the most common language in the world.

And that is why a lot of videos and in general digital products are oriented to the English market. For this reason, content producers, and video in particular find it very difficult to reach a large number of people if they plan to make videos not only for the English-speaking population of our planet.
Everyone realizes that if the viewer does not understand the language in which the video is taken, it will not be watched. And it really creates some inconvenience to both advertisers and authors of these commercials.

But, as we all see, online video is very well entered into our lives, and Youtube is not the only place where you can fill the viewfinder with seals. Undoubtedly, Youtube has the largest number of commercials, but other platforms are quite successful catching up with this flagship.
Take Instagram and its history or insert videos. Videos and various inserts are very tightly included in the content on different sites. But there is a problem that such videos are very bad or not indexed at all.

Aivon posits itself as an open and decentralized network for videos of various scales, which will be supported by professionals in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence, and it’s cool!

What is Aivon?
Authentic Intelligence Video Open Network (Aivon) is positioned by developers as a protocol and a decentralized report and ecosystem with an opensource approach.
The project is based on computational resources, which are built on the artificial intellect, with the full support of various specialists, who use various prospective generation of meted to create a high-quality video content.

In this case, developers are free to create a variety of video applications that will be placed on top of the main protocol Aivon. For example, there is a first open and transparent decentralized search engine to search for the necessary videos, which is primarily planned to implement Aivon.

Customers and those people who use the platform will be able to easily improve artificial through different nodes, or directly implement their knowledge and get for it tokens AVO.

This project first of all Arizvan solves various problems of video search, and at the same time provides tools for the more convenient creation of quality rollers. Also, this project solves the question of a search of necessary rollers with the necessary information.

How it is arranged
Initially, a video is created that is passed to the platform for processing.
The software cuts the video into separate parts and transmits them to the Aivon.

Using the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, validators are randomly selected with a probability proportional to their rate. The selected validators then collect a set of chunks from the job pool, duplicate them several times, and add random “tokens” that are unique to each repeating copy in a random sequence to create a temporary clip.

The validator assigns random AI nodes to handle each clip. After the results are submitted using the AI nodes, the validator will use a random challenger marker to check the result as proof.
The results are presented to experts to perform a binary check.
Results of examination of people are collected and processed by the validator.
Requester controls the network as soon as all the tasks for the pieces that make up the full video are completed, Requester will be able to apply by providing order pieces and publish an aggregated evaluation of the original video, also known as a Content graph.

The claimant’s claim will be assessed by consensus. If it passes, Validator will publish the result as a Content graph to the new block in Aison Plasma Chain.

Abbreviation: AVO (TBC)
Private token: August 1, 2018
White Paper Presentation: October 1, 2018
Public token: November 2018 (TBC)
Initial release size: 400 000 000 (400 million)
Maximum emission: 1 000 000 000 (1 billion, in 10 years)
Cost: Will be set for 48 hours before the start of sales.
Hardcap: 18 000 000 USD

AIVON I believe that this project has its very interesting features. With a good and well-coordinated teamwork, I think success is guaranteed. But you have to understand that there is always a risk. Invest wisely, and never rush.

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