AirWallet – The First Digital Wallet That Platform, Disrupting the Airdrop industry

AirWallet – Today we will talk to you about the topic of cryptocurrency, as well as an important part of this sphere-e-wallets. Today there are many applications, as well as projects that offer storage, as well as the production of various transactions with alternative cryptocurrencies. But often these projects not all meet the requirements of safety and reliability, as we would like. Let’s figure it out in order. In the first place must be reliability, it is achieved by the lack of the possibility of fraudulent actions with assets, by providing data about users or, simply put, KYC.

It gives more guarantees, as well as reliability in the fact that you are not deceived. Also, modern wallets, for the production of transactions are used to hurt a lot of different actions, which in fact are not necessary for the implementation, but simply prolong the time, which is so important when making payments. Thus, as you can see, the problem is already quite seriously expressed, and as you understand it is still not all. It is more extensive. Now we are going to talk about one project that is just dealing with these problems. Meet, a startup that is called Airwallet. We’ll talk about him now.

About the project:
Airwallet – this project in its image and likeness is a crypto purse for the production and implementation of drops of alternative cryptocurrency tokens. This means that the project will collaborate with major token distributors. At the same time, it is important that the distributors themselves will undergo KYC check to avoid fraudulent activities in the financial sphere.

Just so that the ordinary user took part in the distribution of this or that alternative currency crypto will only need to click on one button, which confirms your participation. As for KYC verification, then there will be a lot more convenient, because due to the ability to bring social networks, you can very quickly, and most importantly effectively saving time to pass the test and get your status of the participant. Due to these introductions, users will be able to more broadly join and participate in the projects, at the expense of a large enough to grow the public, that will contribute to the benefits and prospects of young projects.

As for the information about the projects and their sale, it will also be all listed in the special sections and it will be very convenient, you can go from page to page and explore the information you are interested in this project. It will also provide all the information and technical documentation that users need.

Thus, the project may be able to solve the problems of the modern market, as well as attract more and more users in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. We will continue to monitor the project information.

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