AirSaveTravel – Decentralized Platform for Saving & Earning

AirSaveTravel – Greetings to all lovers of travel and everyone who is interested in the blockchain. In this article, I will tell you about the project which unites these two branches, and the name of Airsave Travel! Airsave Travel is atypical at first glance Dapp-decentralized application or in Russian decentralized program (application), which is planned for the opening in the current 2018.

Airsave Travel Features
Airsave Travel is a service based on the technology of blockchain, which allows you to gather together the lovers of travel and gives them the opportunity to save on air flights and buying plane tickets. Airsave Travel uses its own token Airsave Coin-ASTC-which allows you to carry out transactions in the purchase of air tickets and thus significantly save or even earn. The ASTC token is built on the ERC 20 marker and is a fork of cryptocurrency ethereum – and it is already a visual guarantee of safety and convenience because the currencies based on this token can be bought and sold on many (almost all) popular Cryptocurrency exchanges of modernity. Thus for the convenience of users, there is an opportunity to use and more habitual – a fiat currency – dollars, euro, etc.

Airsave Travel will have a simple registration system, which will allow you to use the system in almost one click, and the blockchain will still provide reliable storage of personal data (such as passport data and numbers Payment cards and Accounts) and will not allow them to fall into the hands of intruders.

Reasons for the Airsave Travel project
As the standard of living in developed countries is very high, even representatives of the class below average can afford regular (at least once a year) travel, and for many, it has become necessary to break out of the country for a couple of weeks. Especially beside travel on rest people also make flights and trips on work-various business trips and so on. And thanks to the unique experience of cooperation of the project Airsave travel with the international travel company STA Travel (which are business partners), you can combine the technologies blockchain with other people.

Since the platform allows you to make savings in your own cryptocurrency ASTC, you will be able to combine in your friends to accumulate tokens through the purchase of tickets through the system, and then withdraw them into the real currency or put back into circulation and Make even more travel. Airsave Travel using the already developed and the long-distance idea of Airsave (the application of which can already be downloaded in the App Store) but when you combine it with a blockchain built on open source (open source), you can cooperate with the comrades together Earn cryptocurrency on your travels.

In addition to the payment system as part of Airsave Travel will be a built-in social network that will allow travelers from around the world to communicate, share experiences and photos and make joint trips to different corners of the planet.

Project launch details
AirSaveTravel The first profitability testing of this project has already started in 2015. In the middle of 2016, a partnership agreement was signed with the tour operator STA Travel. The developers do not sit still and next year in July 2017-in the App Store application store appears the official application Airsave Travel, and immediately thereafter began work on the preparation of the ICO campaign and on August 6, 2016, was launched by ISO, which aims was to attract investment in the project. In November 2018 is planned to develop an official plastic card from Airsave Travel which will allow you to pay tokens in real life. Further growth of the project is scheduled for the 2019 year.

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