Aimedis – Decentralized and incentivized healthcare

Aimedis is a medical community that uses blockchain technology and smart contract to make changes in communication between doctors and patients and to process information among hospitals. Platform users can use the Aimedis management system to store, share and securely store medical information. Patients can only share information with the people they choose.

The Aimedis platform also offers, among other things, video chat between doctors and patients, allowing you to create online meetings and recipes and content training. It includes various equipment, such as blood pressure monitors, in the system. The platform has support for each transaction using the Aimchain chain.

How does Aimedis work?
The Aimedis marker is AIM and is classified as an ERC20 token based on blockchain Jefiriuma. The platform uses a double block to ensure maximum confidentiality of patient data in the recording system. The framework uses the Ethereum flowchart for each transaction to be published and a private block chain for transactions that do not require publication.

Token holders targets will be included in every revenue that the platform can obtain. Patients using the platform can receive AIM tokens when they pay for online tutorials, as well as recipes with available doctors. Resident doctors are also entitled to pay for the use of online services.

The platform also receives income when hospitals that cooperate with it use the services of their patients. Through the Aimedis platform, health care providers will provide these services online to a wide range of patients, thus creating additional tokens for the platform. Advantages of Aimedis
The advantages of investing in the platform include:

1. Connects with the patient’s life
The Aimedis platform contains applications that work on the equipment, are activated and located next to the patients. This allows you to collect data on their health status.

2. Gives benefits to patients
The platform should be able to select patient information that is used for both the patient and the doctor to assess what the patient needs. Recorded information should encourage patients to continue to complete and expand their health profile electronically.

3. Puts patients under control of their data
Each medical record on the platform refers to the patient, and he is the only one who has full control over it. Only family members can help when patients are unable.

4. Ensures the confidentiality of patients.
Accurate observations of the patient’s health status are not published but rather recorded in databases that are private.

5. Records the patient’s wish and intention
The Aimedis application allows you to record every wish that a patient wants in terms of treatment, organ donation and any other issues that include ethical issues in the medical field.

Aimedis ICO details.
Token symbol: AIM
Token Sale Start: Launch Aimedis 1.0 2017 Q3
Token Price: 0.12 USD
The total volume of delivery: 600 million

Road Map
I recently like companies that do not sign each stage of their activities in a whole paragraph, and, on the contrary, call the stage concisely. But, due to the fact that there were a lot of stages of formation, such roadmaps look very impressive. Today is just such a case:


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