Acces Network Decentralizing Financial Inclusion

Acces Network Decentralization is the best way to go forward in the era of global economy. When individuals get access directly, they will get a replacement of his contributions, and more value created for the collective. And we have each value to contribute. By replacing the give and take, share and provide, we can go beyond the new abundance for all systems. New construction is not one of poverty reduction, but also the creation of wealth. This is not about a group that helps other people, it’s about empowering each other for the lead.

If we share the same stories, appreciate and respect self-esteem, we can mutually meet the needs of each as a family. There are many things we can learn and nothing could we create together if we listen to each other and build both together. Each of us has a voice so powerful, but only when we speak together we will have the power to be heard. We, the people in this world, all have the right to obtain equal access to economic freedom, development of technology and the ability to determine the access of the sort.

Networking Basics: ACX
1. financial Access is a fundamental human right.
2. The law should be developed by ecosystems that are really profitable.
3. Decisions on the evolution of the ecosystem must be equally accessible to all citizens of the world.
4. Those who were previously excluded should be empowered to determine and shape the evolution.
5. the family is the global Humanity must unite to bring about bold ambitions and create a world that gives benefits and benefits for us all. So tell everyone.

People in developing countries face the challenges of the real world but do not have access to the country and technology tools to improve their situation. Crypto community has pioneered solutions blockchain disorder but do not have enough enthusiastic user base to immediately realize their real-world effective innovation. In this paper, we introduce Network Access (ACX Network) as a tool to align the needs of this community so that it can resolve the case respectively.

ACX is network independent token economies that empower participants to determine financial access for themselves. Participants are given the incentive to create long-term value one another while in the democratic control of Distribution Distribution the distribution network. This interaction is enabled along with the modular modular contracts command change himself and distributing the funds to the whole ecosystem in harmony with the network. intention. The ecosystem consists of five core layers:

Token utilities ACX
Governance Protocols
The Incentive Pool
The Decision Module
Off-service chain
Intrinsic Network token ACX (ACX) is used for the following purposes:
• Voting on Protocol on-chain
• Participate in complementary facilities supported by contributors

6 billion ACX will be accessible from time to time to represent 6 billion served financially and allo-headed to assert the same incentives and distribution that correspond to entries in the token generation, less network contributors are underserved, and the era of the future. ACX network built by the team behind the Atlas Money, leading P2P banking platform that successfully pioneered the digitalization of the financial facilities from door to door in Ghana and Senegal. Atlas will Integrate with the network as the first Exchange ACX in West Africa, using more than 300 agents and 17,000 users to become a holder of networks and the exchange of tokens each. In addition to doing the bootstrap Fiat-to-Liquidity Crypto in developing countries, By using Network Access, poor people can manage their financial future with direct incentives for change that they want to use.

The Advantage Of Network Access:

Thanks to the unique management protocols, Access provides the ability to update from time to time.

The author, whose work will be chosen by the community, will have a prize for the development of the project.
Access tasks is to provide access for all. As the democratization of access to finance and technology, Access can create real solutions through community creator either in developing countries or developed countries. Atlas connects people who want to receive financial services (customer) with people who can give them (agents).

Access for all
With the principle of the democratization of access to finance and technology, Access is able to create real-world solutions through community creator either in developing countries or developed countries.

Of Access Ecosystem
Access has the objective to maintain a dynamic ecosystem while continuing to improve financial access independent form. regulated and invested internally.

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