ACA Network Blockchain Ad Network System

ACA Network  – As well as in any sphere of business, the advertising sector for many years constantly passed. The introduction of online advertising was the beginning of a new ad era in which many small companies flourished even with a small budget. However, centralized systems of work in these forms of advertising reveal mass methods of exploitation by intermediaries. Therefore, a decentralized system, such as the ACA network, is required to address this problem.

What is the ACA network?
ACA Network is a decentralized block network that launches an online platform that seeks to offer interested advertising parties a secure way to conduct fair and transparent online advertising transactions without external manipulation.

Information about the Token sales schedule on the ACA network April 15 private sale.
A limited amount of 160 000 000 40% bonus
Minimum Commission: 80 ETH July 14 Pre-Token Sale
A limited number of 100 000 000
30% bonus Minimum fee: 30 ETH 4 August sale of tokens stage. 1 Limited amount 200 000 000 20% bonus Minimum Commission: 0.1 ETH August 25 sale of tokens stage. 2 Limited number of bonuses 200 000 000 10% minimum Commission: 0.1 ETH St.
15 Sale Tokens Stage 3 Limited amount of bonus 186 000 000 0% minimum Commission: 0.1 ETH

The 1 billion ACA token sales activities will take place in three stages at a price of 3 yen for 1 aca. Minimum target Set

At a rate of 100 000 000 ACA and a maximum of 1,000,000,000 aca.
Private sale on April 15, 2018, limited amount of bonuses in the amount of 160 000 000, 40% and a minimum fee of 80 ETH.
Up to ICO-July 14, 2018 limited amount of 100 000 000, 30% bonus at a minimum rate of 30 ETH.
ICO Three stage first stage (August 4); Limited amount of 200 000 000, 20% bonus minimum fee of 0.1 ETH. A second phase (25 August); Limited amount of 200 000, 10% bonus, minimum fee 0.1 ETH. The third stage (15 September); Limited amount of 186 000 000, bonus 0%, minimum fee 0.1 ETH.
Budget allocations will include: 50% development, 30% marketing, 10% management, 5% legal and 5% reserve.
Features of the ACA brains network behind the AC network plan to use appropriate tools for use to enhance the advertising capabilities of its users: 1. Ethereum the smart contract to ensure safe and secure Fair Deals 2. ACA (ACA-AMS) Advertising management system Dapp for easy communication between advertisers and ad groups 3. ACA-EX advertising exchange to help align advertising banners and advertising media.
4. ACA-NET advertising network to distribute advertising on various devices such as mobile, web and smartphone applications.

How does the ACA network work?
Interested parties in ACA network services will gain access to the site by purchasing JPYT tokens. This will give them the right to pay close attention to their various expectations through the above-mentioned instruments of work. They also receive additional procedures through DAPP.

In addition, users on the platform are able to deliver large-scale advertising campaigns immediately after the end of the production process. Campaigns through the ACA network automatically increase delivery to the appropriate advertising media. In addition, it provides a direct link between advertising producers and advertisers, which saves on costs and

Time. The low cost of the ACA network is also another advantage not only for beginners but for high-performance advertising media. Thus, the platform consists of attracting advertising partners that will interact and Exchange services on the platform with the help of Jpyt tokens as a means for transactions in the field of ecosystems.
The ACA network stand offers several advantages to interested parties in advertising sectors, and even more so in advertising on the Internet. If something goes according to the plans, as on the official technical document, we find this site very promising and well organized with sufficient information to help you make a significant decision.

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