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ABLE  – For those who have firsthand knowledge of cryptocurrencies banks still remains a necessary element of life, but begin to gradually go to the second plan on the resources working with digital assets. The ABLE system is conceived as an alternative to the banking system providing banking services for cryptocurrency operations. Today in our review we will consider the ICO of this project.

Problems of the existing banking sector
Traditional banking systems have problems. All of them can be divided into several categories:
 Lack of transparency of banking systems. At first glance, the problem is not obvious. But if you look inside, it becomes clear why the services of ordinary banks are relatively expensive;
 Crediting. For many, loans are a problem. In addition to lending rates, they have various and penalties that are unsubstantiated. But credits are taken for lack of another choice;
 Commissions for transactions and service charges;
 Procedure for opening an account. It is complex. It is necessary to be personally present in the bank and fill in the documents under the control of a special person;
 The cost of security. Old technologies to ensure this process, which use modern banks, are expensive. It is personal, document circulation, paper tape, audits, providing a technological process of information processing, etc. Technologies of blockchain and smart contract allow making it much cheaper

ABLE Solutions
The ABLE project aims to develop an alternative solution for banking services for the population based on Blokchejne and the Smartkontraktov system.
Services to be provided by ABLE:
 P2P investment and lending;
 Deposits;
 Translations;
 Investments in ICO.
The following illustration shows the platform architecture.

ICO ABLE Details
Token name: ABLE
Smartkontrakt: Ethereum (ERC-20)
Sjemitirovanno Tokens: 25 billion
Start ICO 1st round: 27 June 2018
Completion of the ICO 1st round: 10 July 2018
Price ABLE 1st round: $0.00205
Hard Cap 1st round: $1.27 billion
Start ICO 2nd Round: 16 July 2018
Completion of the ICO 2nd round: August 10, 2018
Price ABLE Round 2: $0.00215
Hard Cap 2nd round: $3.35 billion
Investments are made in BTC and ETH
Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH or 0.05 BTC

ABLE  The team has a wealth of practice in the financial sectors. In particular, tax and pension industries. It is also a strong component in the issues of IT and promotion. Members of Governments, financial and investment experts of the international level are present in the composition.

Conclusion :
A topical idea for the world’s largest market. Such projects have always been in the price. The high Hard cap-$3.35 bn and the price of Investor’s entry 0.5 ETH or 0.05 BTC also say a lot. Start ICO in 7 days.

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