4NEW – The World’s First tangible Waste to Energy Blockchain

4NEW – after some times make a posting about the ICO program and project based with blockchain technology. The end of this time you can find a platform that really raises benefits for the environment. A platform that will reduce the environmental burden against a pile of waste.

This is a solution that is really necessary for everyone, all regions and areas of the world. Waste must be managed properly. Latest technology must be used to resolve this problem. And this will be very positive for the good of the environment.

4NEW profile
4New is the world’s first blockchain solution for converting waste into energy. These are real solutions and environmentally friendly that brought the world the better. 4New currently offers coins for investors who are interested in getting involved with the management of the first-ever waste to energy conversion and maintenance facilities. This will be fully based on the blockchain network.

In essence, the platform is 4NEW processing plant Waste to waste Energy utility’s first public world. 4NEW will revolutionize the industry waste and Energy by offering services as wholesale dealers in the sector fully integrated utility to open source, decentralized public exchanges that allow consumers and industry peers alike trade Coins in payment for their 4NEW ecosystem 4NEW.

4New is based on the idea that conversion of waste to energy is a new requirement. They claim the new 4New will solve many of the problems encountered throughout the world: the waste in a State surplus and low energy. By using the social problems, and 4New this global will be overcome and the environment, and people, will be benefited.

The supply chain will switch from garbage collection to the conversion process and the generation who will be supplying electricity. This electricity will be sold in units to the national network.

4NEW workings
The above concept behind 4New became a breakthrough to reduce waste and generate energy, 4New also are utilitarian. This is beneficial because everyone uses electricity on a regular basis, and waste will never stop being produced. Recently I see it like this: rather than try to reduce the amount of waste generated or reduce the amount of energy we consume-as both are unavoidable to some degree – why not harness energy that could generated by this waste? That’s what pushed forward.

4New says that they will successfully integrate real-world waste disposal process with blockchain technology to take waste it, convert it into energy, and sell the energy unit.

4New will menstandarkan waste industry and energy, which they describe as the two industries that are in need of innovation and integration technology. They also foresee 4New Coin become global currency peers and consumers to waste or energy related services they seek. In addition to this information, giving many other insights 4New about the plans of the company and their development.

Overall, they stated that their management team has a combined experience of more than 300 years and research they claim that they can deliver savings of 15% to 20% to the consumer. They are also promising a zero impact on the environment and in compliance with all government regulations and best practice standards.

4New Token sales
4New offers coins throughout October, November, and December 2017. The blockchain network of decentralized 4New recently using coins 4New as currency. These coins will be used in all transactions to acquire and sell the waste and energy. 4New ledger will contain all transactions and will feature a journal that can be audited for every new purchase and sale is done. All parties involved or associated with each transaction will be able to see the General ledger entry – including potential disputes, reconciliation, and the leakage of revenue, all of which will be controlled as much as possible.

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