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4ARTechnologies – Today the world of digital Technologies is developing at an incredible pace. Every day new participants, assets, and platforms appear in the cryptocurrency environment. One of the most unique projects to make the digital industry closer to real life is 4ARTechnologies.
The creators of this platform note that it is based on patented technologies of “Advanced authentication”. Experts from Germany were engaged in the development of the project.
4ARTechnologies is a specific platform, allowing to carry out operations of purchase and sale of objects of art, calculating at the same time cryptocurrency. Developers assure users that within the framework of this project it will be possible to make a “screen” or “imprint” and store all important information on a laptop.

Analytical services conducted a small investigation, during which it was revealed that the online purchase of paintings and other objects of art, antiques in 30%, and sometimes in 50% of cases are faced with forgery. To check the purchased value they have to spend additional funds for examination, and in the case of detection of a fake long to fight and sue the seller, if its location was established, and the fact of the transaction of sale is fixed Properly.
The administration of the project 4ARTechnologies managed to find a way out of such a difficult situation by proposing the following solutions:
 Every seller of cultural, historical or other value must make a “biometric passport” of the sold goods with a fingerprint;
 A special certificate will be issued for each operation;
 All the information about the transaction, the picture will be in the cloud storage;
 Each transaction will be insured, and it is also possible to restore the data on the transaction, transportation of the goods to the destination will occur only with the use of special tokens 4ART;
 All operations will be checked;
 For operations on this platform will require a special purse 4ART;
 A catalog of works will be available to each participant of the project;
Please note that analytical studies on the activities of this platform have not actually been carried out due to the fact that the relevant information on the sale of art items is too small.

How will this work?
The German company Atlantic Zeiser for the project 4ARTechnologies specially developed the identifier of works of art. As the process of recognition, all information about the painting is recorded and transferred to storage in a special base on the basis of blockchain technology, where the foundation was taken the ethidium algorithm.

In addition, all participants of the project will be able to use cloud storage and unique catalog 4ART Digital Artwork. 4ARTechnologies These features will be available to each user of the 4ARTechnologies platform through a special application that needs to be installed on the computer. With the help of this software, investors and buyers will be able to convert money into system tokens on a nearly instantaneous basis.

In Project 4ARTechnologies at the conclusion of the deal between the buyer and the seller, it will be possible to calculate only “internal” tokens – 4 ART.

Early this year, the founders of 4ARTechnologies created a trial version of a special app for gadgets that support IOS. In the near future, the final version of the software will be provided to the platform users.

The creators only stated that about a third of the tokens would be released for sale during the three stages of implementation. It is planned to release about 6.5 billion 4ART tokens.

The average cost of 1 token will leave 0.08 euros. Developers note that with each subsequent stages of implementation of the digital asset of the platform its value will grow and reach 0.3 euro to the third stage of placement.

Administration distributed all the tokens in such a way that about 40% of earnings will be kept for special needs of the project, on so-called force majeure and development. At the same time, 0.6% of all tokens will be permanently directed to the team’s content.

Experts have calculated that even in the initial stages of implementation of the concept 4ARTechnologies with the minimum cost of tokens in 0.1 euros, the team could leave in the warehouse about 270 million euros, and no one will ever know what they were or will be Spent in the future. It is because of such uncertainty that so far the project has not attracted so many participants.

4ARTechnologies On the site of this platform was made a statement that at the initial stage of placing the project tokens managed to attract 21 million euros. Most likely, the investment came from the main participant 4ARTechnologies-Rolf Mayer.

The design of the official site 4ARTechnologies very brightly, in connection with which the eyes very quickly tired, and the brain hardly perceives new information. Note that there is not much information about the project itself, it is extremely rare to update. The 4ARTechnologies team does not advertise its developments, successes, and plans. The activity of promotion and self-positioning in social networks and on the Internet is rather low.

WebSite: https://www.4art-technologies.com
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