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The Currency Analytics – Journalism is the fourth power. The market of cryptocurrency is one of the interesting and promising directions for today. The facts are under siege. Proven sources are becoming more important than ever. There is an opportunity to fill in by conscientious experts technical, academic. Today’s review […]

AirSaveTravel – Greetings to all lovers of travel and everyone who is interested in the blockchain. In this article, I will tell you about the project which unites these two branches, and the name of Airsave Travel! Airsave Travel is atypical at first glance Dapp-decentralized application or in Russian decentralized […]

Gigtricks – Today it is difficult to surprise someone with the existence of a freelance market, which is growing every year more and more. Now there are about 81 mln. Officially registered freelancers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Many specialists, in different directions, prefer to sell their services directly […]

Gigzi – Every day the market of cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular and more popular, increasing market capitalization times after time. It is difficult to imagine, but only for a year, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency increased from 930 million US dollars (2017) to 800 billion US dollars in […]

ATHERO – Technology blockchain has the potential to create new business models that provide measurable and measurable benefits for the public and private sectors. The future blockchain is not a network to manage them all, but many block networks such as the Internet. Electronic money is the last-ever boom, which […]