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Terra Green – Good day, dear friends! After a short break, I would like to talk about our ecology with you, as well as about the recycling of waste. Agree, so the population of the planet every year becomes more and more, then respectively, and waste to become an order […]

Fixtoken – Meet the rugged bridge between the digital and traditional economies: Today the main problem of the cryptocurrency industry is that there is no strong connection with the real economy. The market of cryptocurrency is very unstable, the sharp fall of the price is connected with costs, risks, and […]

VeryFile – Good day, dear friends! Agree, this direction is very much developing and that is why people need platforms for transactions, as well as for the acquisition and sale of cryptocurrency assets. To date, these sites are more than enough, but not all of them provide users exactly what […]

ZEUX – Trade segment develops quite rapidly, innovative technologies allow to significantly simplify the life of not only sellers but also customers. Not so long ago people began to massively buy Cryptoalyta and use it as the main financial instrument. Unfortunately, existing centralized systems do not allow to work properly […]

TenXcoin – It is a crypto created for real use in the new financial system, which will contribute to the growth and development of this market and become an equal participant in Tenkhcoin understands all the challenges that face cryptocurrency, claiming global implementation and acquiring real value, knows how to […]

Perucoin is a new generation of innovative cryptocurrency platform, which is created with the purpose of providing knowledge about cryptocurrency to Peruvian population by means of excursions to the factory, where they can estimate technical possibilities and work of mining Equipment in action and at conferences. Perucoin plans to achieve […]