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BGX In our current time every person uses the smartphone, technology improves every day. Decentralization leads to a more equitable distribution of costs and incomes, to the cleanest decision-making mechanism. One of the most important technologies that provide decentralized mechanisms for data storage and decision making is blockchain. BGX is […]

DICE MONEY Today, in the conditions of constantly growing competition, overcrowding of the market of the hired workers, increase of requirements of employers to professional skills of applicants, it is very important to recruiting services or sites for the search of work. But there are a number of problems in […]

QURREX With the development of the crypto market, there are more and more exchanges where users can exchange different types of tokens at the most advantageous rate. Because the industry has appeared relatively recently, there are a number of problems in the Kriptovaljutnoj area that need to be addressed in […]

PayPortal An india-bright and diverse country, whose economy is increasingly integrated with the world economy. Detailed economic reforms undertaken in the last decade have had far-reaching consequences. GE Capital calls this country unique, PepsiCo finds herself growing and Motorola is confident that she has become a global source. Operations on […]

FTEC is a unique ecosystem with lots of intelligent solutions that enable you to start its activities in the crypto segment. Developers are confident that their project will be really successful and able to attract investors for the successful conduct of the precarious state. And now The main objectives of […]

PAYGINE  – By creating a platform for Paygine, we do not make everything from scratch but bring our accumulated experience and all the services and technologies used by Best2Pay as a base to build on. Paygine key competitive advantage over similar projects is that it can improve the service and […]