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SWAPY – According to the report Global Findex, two billion people worldwide have no access to financial services, and especially access to credit. The existing banking infrastructure is expensive and consequently, banking conglomerates usually make their services not available to the poorest populations or those living in remote areas. This […]

STOPTHEFAKES  For centuries, humans have found technology and streamline the process for getting more products with fewer sources and resources. The history can be divided into several periods from one revolution to another industrial revolution. A breakthrough occurred in the 21st century. The development of science and technology helped reduce […]

TIPPER – In the current situation, our social-media platform through which we experience the world related-have been concentrated, and controlled by some owners a great platform. This focus has led to a massive infrastructure, which has created a high maintenance costs, so these social media platforms should be supported by […]

ELEMENTH – The idea to take the basic blockchain technology and apply it to another concept also has a long history. In 2005, Nick Szabo proposed a concept of the protection of the rights of ownership with the authorization of the owner, who explains how “new progress in the technology […]

DIW TOKEN – Every day, we create and save 2.5 trillion bytes of data. In the last two years alone, we have created 90 percent data world! The amount of data that was created on a platform of digital information per day is eight times greater than the information stored […]